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Since 1839


Warren County, New Jersey

Harmony Township in Warren County, New Jersey, was formed in 1839 with land taken from Greenwich and Oxford Townships. The municipality is about equally divided between the fertile lowland of the Delaware River Valley and a mountainous portion consisting of Marble Hill and Ragged Ridge, which are separated from the main body of Scott’s Mountain, rising at Montana to a height of 1,259 feet, by the peaceful valley of Lopatcong Creek.


George Washington, John Adams, and others of their generation used this route. This was a major thoroughfare when produce was transported by horses and travel by stagecoach was popular preceding the construction of the Belvidere-Delaware Railroad in 1854. It continues to be a scenic and essential roadway.


This establishment has had a number of owners over its long history. Many in the region have known it as the Lanark Inn. A Harmony family has refreshed the building and proudly hosts their guests today in that same spirit of warmth and friendliness as Tiptons Tavern.

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